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About DoorDash Reporting API

Limited access

Reporting APIs are not yet generally available. Please record interest in early access here

DoorDash’s reporting API grants integration partners the ability to download Financial, Operations, Menu and Feedback reports. As a result of Merchants generating sales across multiple channels, the need to access data and compile it in a digestible format has become a crucial part of informed decision making and day to day operations. DoorDash aims to provide our Merchants and Authorized Partners with a streamlined way to access the data gathered on Doordash to better operate their business

Get Started

To indicate your interest in getting access to DoorDash’s Reporting API please indicate your interest using the following link. Our access team will review your request and you will be notified by email when your request has been approved.

Integration Milestones

Below is a brief outline on what to expect during your development process once your interest request has been approved.

Week 1: Create a Developer Portal Account

  1. Successfully signup for a developer portal account and request a Reports integration using the invite link provided to you by the DoorDash team
  2. Wait for your developer portal account approval email. This email will automatically be sent out once your account has moved from In Review to Approved status. Once your account is moved to Approved status this means that all stores associated with your business have been linked to your developer portal account.

Week 2: Generate your JWT token and pull a report

  1. Generate your JWT token by following our Generate your JWT Token guide
  2. Pull your first report by following our Getting your first report guide
  3. Use our API reference with our Available Reports guide to understand the different reports that can be generated
  4. Use our FAQ to understand data availability SLAs and limitations of our reporting api


If there are any questions during the integration process please send an email to [email protected]