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How to create test orders


In order to create test orders the user attempting to place the test order must have:

  • Access to the Developer Portal (connect with your organization's Developer Portal admin to be added as a user)
  • An active test store with an active menu, both can be confirmed using the Store and Menu Info Endpoints
    • If the store is not activated yet or there is no active menu on the store, you will be redirected to the DoorDash home-page when trying to complete the below steps


To ensure that order integration functionality works as expected as part of the Marketplace integration, users are able to place test orders in DoorDash’s test environment via the Developer Portal for their test stores. These test orders will flow through the integration to allow partners to ensure everything is functioning as expected downstream.

Get Started

Step 1: Navigate to Stores within Developer Portal

Login to the DoorDash Developer Portal. Navigate to the stores page in the Marketplace dropdown menu to view your test stores. For each store, there is an option to “Create Test Order” after selecting the three dots to view more options next to the test store:

Developer Portal - Login in

Test Orders can also be placed for stores on your production integrations, however they will auto-cancel after 15 minutes and will not be paid out to the Merchant.

Developer Portal - Prod Test Orders

For the store where you wish to place a test order, click Create test order from the 3 dot menu; a modal will then appear with instructions on next steps. Once ready to proceed with the test order, click the Create and copy login link button.

Developer Portal - Store Page to create Order

After the link has been successfully opened, you will be redirected to your test store’s menu on Set your delivery address near the store (this can be found by clicking See More under Store Info) and create your desired test order and navigate through the checkout flow. At this stage, you will be prompted to add a payment method, as shown below: Developer Portal - Order Page to create Order

Step 4: Add Test Credit Card Credentials

This step only needs to be completed during the first time your test account is used.

Once being prompted to add a payment method, please associate one of Stripe’s test credit card credentials as outlined at this link. Stripe supports test credit cards in multiple countries. Adding these Stripe credit cards to the test account ensures that you do not have to use any personal funds to place test orders. Note: once this credit card information has been added once, the card should be saved to your account for future use, eliminating the need to complete this step for future test orders.

Developer Portal - Add Payment for Test Order

Step 5: Place Order

Once the Stripe credit card information has been saved you can press the “Place Order” button to complete the test order process. At this point, the order will be transmitted from DoorDash to the partner for order confirmation.

Developer Portal - Order Page to create Order

Step 6: Progress Check

Once the test order has been appropriately confirmed by the partner, the status will be updated on the test order to show that it is now being prepared by the test store:

Developer Portal - Order Page to create Order

Note: all test orders will automatically be canceled 15 minutes after the order has been placed. When the order is auto-canceled, the following will be shown within the DoorDash Test UI:

Developer Portal - Order Page to create Order

Additionally, the user who placed the test order will receive an email alerting them that their order has been canceled:

Developer Portal - Order Page to create Order

Next Steps

In addition to testing order functionality on you can also preview menu changes and test menu functionality. DoorDash’s test environment reflects all feature functionality and product updates that are available on


  1. What can I do if I am getting an error stating “This page isn’t working. redirected you too many times”?

If the error below is being shown when attempting to navigate to, please ensure that all cookies associated with are cleared from your browser history. If cookies have been cleared and this error is still being encountered, please reach out for Support via the Developer Portal.

Developer Portal - Order Test Browser Error