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Order Cancel and Adjustment Endpoints

Limited access

Marketplace APIs are not yet generally available. Please record interest in early access here.

How will reimbursement work for orders cancelled via this feature?

Following our reimbursement policy, Merchants are not reimbursed for cancellations initiated/induced by them.

Is there any sort of punishment for cancelling orders?

There is not a punishment for cancelling orders, however if a high number of cancellations is detected, the store may be deactivated temporarily to preserve the customer experience.

Can I adjust orders using my system’s unique identifier that is sent back on order confirmation?

No, we can only accept order adjustments referencing the DoorDash order UUID.

Can I adjust orders/modifiers using my system’s unique identifier (Merchant Supplied ID) of the product that is sent in the menu?

No. We need our integration partners to maintain the new unique ID of the item and option line items so we can process the cancellation or adjustment for the correct product.

How will customers be notified that their order is being adjusted?

Customers will be notified of their adjustments via email and push notification.

Can I adjust the quantity of the only item in a cart to 0?

While you will receive an “OK” when carrying out this function, the cart will not be adjusted. Please use the order cancellation endpoint instead.