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Send Order Pickup Instructions to Dasher


To allow Merchants to send pickup instructions, this must be built out on the Provider side and then the value can be passed to DoorDash within order confirmation.


DoorDash has a field within the order confirmation process to allow for a merchant to send a tailored message with instructions for the Dasher per each distinct order. The field that can be used is "pickup_instructions".

Get Started​

Step 1: Identify endpoint​

Identify the order confirmation endpoint


Step 2: Add pickup_instructions field​

Add the additional field "pickup_instructions" within the order confirmation PATCH body.



"merchant_supplied_id": "string",

"order_status": "success",

"failure_reason": "string",

"prep_time": "2021-10-13T17:32:59Z"

"pickup_instructions": "string"


Step 3: Implement​

Implement a way for Merchants to add pickup instructions through the POS which can be passed to DoorDash which will be shared with the Dasher.

Progress Check​

A test order can be placed and within the order confirmation you can ensure that the "pickup_instructions" are being sent within the body and are sent successfully.

  1. Place and receive a test order.
  2. Confirm the test order. and ensure the "pickup_instructions" are included within the Confirm Order webhook.

Next Steps​

Present to your Merchants on how they can leverage this functionality. Such as:

  1. Merchants are generating short codes to expedite order identification/retrieval by

Dasher in-store

  1. Item specific instructions to ensure proper handling during fulfillment (I.e hot

handle with care, retrieve from pickup rack via side door, etc.)

Modified: 3/16/2023