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Add members to your organization

Adding members to your organization helps you collaborate with the other developers on your team by sharing access to the Delivery Simulator, to your credentials, to your webhook configurations.

1. Navigate to the members list

To see the list of members, navigate to the Organization page.

Log into the Developer portal and navigate to the Organization Page by following: Developer Portal > Organization > Members

A screenshot of the Developer Portal with the Organization navigation item highlighted

2. Start adding a member

Click the Add Member button to start adding a member.

A screenshot of the Add Member button

3. Enter the member's details

Enter your teammate's email address, select a role for them, and click Add Member.

Your teammate must already have a DoorDash identity. If they don't, have them sign up at and then come back to the Add Member screen.

A screenshot of the dialog for adding a member by email

Member is added

You should now see your teammate listed as a member of the organization. Send the new member a link to the Developer Portal and have them sign in.

A screenshot of the members table showing a newly-added member

Next steps