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Marketplace APIs are not yet generally available. Please record interest in early access here.

Can I substitute an item that is not found in the menu / catalog?

This is not possible because we rely on existing SKU data that鈥檚 found in the menu / catalog to process substitution requests. If the substitute isn鈥檛 found or active, the customer will be refunded for the original item price.

How will customers be notified that their order is being substituted?

Customers will be notified of their substitutions via email and push notification.

Can store operators speak with customers directly to discuss substitution options?

This requires the enablement of the masked phone number feature which will allow the customer to be contacted directly via phone or text from only the saved store number.

What if there鈥檚 not a good replacement item to substitute?

Best to remove the line item from the order which will trigger the customer鈥檚 refund.

I can鈥檛 fulfill the original requested quantity, can I partially fulfill the initial item and substitute another item for the remaining quantity?

Our current substitution flow does not support this today. Please use either 'ITEM_ADJUSTMENT' for the quantity of the initial item based on what your stock has available, or the 'ITEM_SUBSTITUTE' instead.