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Limited access

Marketplace APIs are not yet generally available. Please record interest in early access here.
Note: we'll only reach out as capacity allows.

Week 1-2: Begin Developing to Menus API

  1. Successfully Create a Menu via POST and store menu UUID. Verify it is created at your DoorDash Test Store.
  2. Successfully Update a Menu via PATCH using cached menu UUID
  3. Ensure Menu Status Updates are registering via Webhook Notification
  4. Successfully Create a Menu via Menu Pull and store menu UUID

Week 3-4: Begin Developing to Orders API

  1. Submit Orders using your DoorDash Test Store and verify Order received at Endpoint
  2. Respond to incoming Orders via Webhook Notification for both success and failure scenarios
  3. Ensure that failure reasons are being provided with Order Failures
  4. Validate prep times are being used as expected

Week 5: Begin Developing additional features

  1. Ensure stores are prepared for Stockouts, Store Availability, and Cancellation endpoints

Week 6: Replicate with Production Environment

Week 7-8: Pilot 20 stores

Week 8: Certification