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Example Payload
"items": [
"merchant_supplied_item_id": "string",
"item_availability": "ACTIVE",
"balance_on_hand": 0,
"last_sold_datetime": "string",
"price_info": {
"base_price": 0,
"sale_price": 0,
"tax_rate": 0,
"bottle_fee_deposit": 0
"location": {
"aisle": "string",
"zone": "string",
"shelf": "string",
"side": "string",
"additional_details": "string",
"coordinates": {
"x": 0,
"y": 0
"item_special_hours": [
"day_index": "MON",
"start_time": "string",
"end_time": "string",
"start_date": "string",
"end_date": "string"

Parameter Details

Parameter NameVariable TypeDescriptionPossible Values
merchant_supplied_item_idstringThe MSID used for the item in the Item Management endpoint
item_availabilitystringItem availability status"ACTIVE" "INACTIVE"
balance_on_handintegerCurrent stock level for the item
last_sold_datetimestringDateTime in ISO8601 format of when the item was last sold at the store
price_infoobjectHolds different pricing parameters
base_pricenumberStandard price for the item
sale_pricenumberSale price for the item
tax_ratenumberTax rate applied for the item
bottle_fee_depositnumberFee collected based on local legislative requirements
locationobjectDefault location of the item in the store
aislestringAisle where the item can be found
zonestringZone within the aisle or a general zone within the store where the item can be found
shelfstringShelf within the aisle where the item can be found
sidestringSide of the aisle where the item is located
additional_detailsstringAdditional information about the location of the item
coordinatesobjectCoordinates within the store where the item is located
coordinates.xintegerX value of the coordinate
coordinates.yintegerY value of the coordinate
item_special_hoursobjectSpecial hours when the item will be available
day_indexstringDay of the week the hours are applied"MON" "TUE" "WED" "THU" "FRI" "SAT" "SUN"
start_timestringStarting time of special hoursHH:MM:SS
end_timestringEnding time of special hoursHH:MM:SS
start_datestringSpecific date when special hours should start
end_datestringSpecific date when special hours should end