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Receive Cancelled Order Information

Limited access

Marketplace APIs are not yet generally available. Please record interest in early access here.

The order cancellation webhook allows DoorDash to send notifications to our integrators/merchants whenever an already submitted order is canceled downstream within the DoorDash ecosystem. Any downstream cancelled order in DoorDash will trigger a notification to this webhook. This commonly includes customer self-initiated cancels, as well as dasher initiated cancels due to in-store ops issues (closures, item availability, etc). If an order was not successfully confirmed by the merchant during original POS order submission, a webhook event will not be triggered, since the POS system has already declined this order.

When a merchant confirms the order, they can pass their internal order id in the merchant_supplied_id field and DoorDash will save this value as client_order_id. This is the value that we send back in the order cancellation notification. We currently do not send cancellation reasons on this message, but this can be checked on an order level basis in the Merchant Portal if needed. This is a manual process, so once you have prepared an endpoint, please notify DoorDash directly and we will configure the webhook to send cancellation updates to your endpoint. The Order Cancellation Notification object is fully detailed in our API Reference documentation.

The following JSON object represents an order cancellation notification sent from DoorDash when an confirmed order has been cancelled downstream:

"external_order_id": "0da8b530-7c4c-4925-8785-cd843b797d64",
"client_order_id": "321",
"store": {
"provider_type": "provider_a",
"merchant_supplied_id": "location1"
"is_asap": true