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Know when your menu is ready

Limited access

Marketplace APIs are not yet generally available. Please record interest in early access here.

DoorDash has a webhook that will send status updates once your menu is finished processing. You can subscribe to this webhook by preparing a URL to receive POST requests from DoorDash. This is a manual process, so once you have prepared an endpoint, please notify DoorDash directly and we will configure the webhook to send status updates to your endpoint. These requests will contain payloads with the following format:

"event": {
"type": "<MenuCreate> or <MenuUpdate>",
"status": "<SUCCESS> or <FAILURE>",
"reference": "<either a client-provided or automatically generated reference UUID>"
"store": {
"merchant_supplied_id": "<client's store id>"
"menu": {
"id": "<the UUID used to identify the menu id on DoorDash’s end>"

Please save the id field as this will be needed to update the menu in the future. If the id field is returned in the Menu Status Notification, this means the core menu was successfully created. There can be situations where the "status": "FAILURE", but the id is returned. This means that the menu was created successfully, but the store hours phase of menu creation failed. In this case, please save the id field to update the menu in the future and validate that the store hours are correct. Please avoid using a menu POST for the same menu as this will create duplicate menus.

If you wish to authenticate DoorDash’s requests to the endpoints you prepare you can provide us with a token, which we will store securely on our end. This is currently a manual process, so please contact DoorDash directly to provide your token. We will include this token in the headers of our requests using this format: "Authorization": Bearer "your-token". Please configure your endpoint so it can authenticate DoorDash’s requests using this header.