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Getting started

Limited access

Marketplace APIs are not yet generally available. Please record interest in early access here.

What is my Provider Type?

Provider Type (provider_type) is used to indicate the partner an order or menu is associated with. The syntax is brand_environment. We will provision and share your Provider Type during the onboarding process. In the User-Agent header your Provider Type is in CamelCase. In the JSON body, it will be in snake_case.

User_Agent - {camelcase provider_type}/1.0

If your provider_type = 'doordash_pizza' your User-Agent would be DoorDashPizza/1.0

What are the URL root details?

Marketplace API: URL root is for all calls.

How can I tell which API (Marketplace vs. Drive) I'm using?

You can tell which API you're using by checking the URL. If your API URL is, you're using the Marketplace API.

Can we control integration type (moving from POS to Tablet, etc.)?

We do not have an API that supports our partners controlling the integration type. This must be handled by the DoorDash team.

How do I switch the provider_type for a store?

Submit a request to your Doordash representative to get the provider_type updated.

Are there other APIs available from DoorDash?

We currently also offer the Drive API. As opposed to orders coming from DoorDash Marketplace, Drive orders will originate from the Merchant through scheduled orders in the Drive portal, or through integrations. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to enable this feature.