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API: Drive (classic)

This doc covers the Drive (classic) API. If you're using the Drive API, see support for Drive.

Delivery & Dasher issues

All delivery/Dasher-related issues should be handled through DoorDash Merchant Support. For questions and issues related to a live delivery in progress (e.g. the Dasher is 15+ minutes late to pickup, the customer wants to cancel the delivery), contact our phone support team at (855)-973-1040. For those related to a past delivery (e.g. to request a refund for a late delivery), reach out to our email support team at [email protected]. Please note that the Support page within the Developer Portal should be used only for questions related to questions about the portal itself, the integration process, or API bugs/issues.

Best practices

  • State that you're reaching out about a DoorDash Drive delivery
  • Be prepared to provide the support_reference to the agent. This unique integer is returned in our API response upon delivery creation. This may also be referred to as the 'Delivery ID' or 'ID'.

Technical issues & bugs

To report a bug or ask a question about the Drive API, your developer account, or the integration process, log into the Developer Portal and click 'Support' on the lefthand menu. The first time you reach out to Developer Support, you'll be prompted to provide a bit more detail about your business to help us better assist you. From there, you'll select a Category for your inquiry and provide a description of the issue/question.

Best practices

  • Always provide examples when reporting an issue.
  • Request and response payloads, external_delivery_id, and steps to reproduce are strongly recommended.