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Get production access

API: Drive (classic)

This doc covers the Drive (classic) API. If you're using the Drive API, see the how-to guide for requesting Drive production access.

You've built and tested your integration using the Delivery Simulator, familiarized yourself with how DoorDash Drive operates, and are now ready to debut your finished product and start creating real deliveries. Now what?

1. Request production access via the Developer portal.

  • Be sure to review our integration requirements thoroughly before requesting production access.
  • Once you're ready to go live, log into the Developer portal and click the 'Request Production Access' button from your dashboard.
  • You'll confirm your business details and set up your payment method for deliveries.
  • At the bottom of the page, you'll find a link to our terms and a checkbox acknowledging that you've read and agreed to them. Terms for our standard Drive API are here, and those for Drive Classic are here. Note that Drive Classic is available only to a limited set of users.

2. Schedule a live demo with the DoorDash team.

  • As soon as you submit your request for production access, you'll receive a confirmation email with next steps.
  • The DoorDash team will reach out to you via email to schedule a 30min - 1hr demo, which will be conducted via Zoom.

3. Conduct demo.

  • You’ll screenshare and take us through an end-to-end test delivery, demonstrating the full user experience.
  • The DoorDash team will review the following during the demo to verify that all integration requirements are met:
    • API logs: Request payloads and general use of the API
    • UI: Customer-facing experience (both for guests/end consumers and merchants/users facilitating pickup where applicable)
    • Compliance: Use case, types of items being delivered
    • Launch: Go-to-market plan and timeline (e.g. Are you conducting a pilot before general launch? How will you market this integration to your customers?) There are no explicit requirements on go-to-market strategy; our goal is to understand your business needs and timeline so we can best support you!
  • Based on the above, the DoorDash team will either approve your business for production access, or provide feedback on updates that will be required to get approved for production access. If changes are needed, the DoorDash team may schedule a quick follow-up to review them and provide an updated decision on approval.

4. Create production credentials and release to production!

  • You'll receive an email update on approval status and next steps.
  • Create a production key in the Credentials section of the portal and start doing deliveries!