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Please refer to the one pagers below for more information about the open api features we have available and how to build to it. If a Feature Flag is required for the feature, please reach out to your Technical Account Manager to enable.

FeatureOverviewFeature Flag Required
Bag FeeOpen API Order funcionality to allow Merchants to collect a bag fee and any necessary taxes related to the fee to meet any specific government regulationsYes
Cancellation Webhook from DoorDashFunctionality that allows a partner to receive Cancellation events when an order is cancelled post-confirmation within DoorDash (by a customer, dasher, etc.)No
Dasher Status WebhooksOpen API functionality to include a webhook to provide Merchants visibility into Dasher status.
Delivery Short Code ChangeDoorDash has updated the value of the delivery_short_code order field to a new format from 6 Digit Numeric to 8 Digit AlphaNumeric.
Dual PricingDoorDash has released a ‘Dual-Pricing’ Menu API enhancement to enable a partner to send a single menu with two sets of pricing (in-store vs delivery) for use on both Storefront and Marketplace.
Item Level HoursOpen API Menu functionality to control hourly availability at an Item Level, rather than a menu level. This information will be sent via our Menu API. Store Hours on a menu will remain the default availability if Item Hours are not defined.
Masked Customer Phone NumberOpen API Order functionality to enable Merchants to contact customers directly by adding a masked phone number.Yes
Menu Pulling WebhookWebhook that will allow the DoorDash onboarding/ops team to pull menus for Open Api integrations, in addition to the current behavior where Open API integrations can create & update menus for DoorDash stores. This will empower DoorDash teams to set up stores & pull their corresponding menus, without having to manually coordinate a menu push.
Merchant Order Cancellation Endpoint Mx to DDOpen API functionality to allow Merchants to cancel orders that have previously been accepted.Yes
Order Adjustment EndpointOpen API functionality for merchants to adjust orders that have already been accepted. This feature aims to increase flexibility with orders and cut down on order cancellations.Yes
Order Ready SignalFunctionality for DoorDash to get information from Merchants on when an order is ready for pick-up and send Dashers accordingly when each store will finish preparing orders in the future, leading to a more delightful pick up experience for Dashers and Merchants.
Pickup InstructionsOrder confirmation process enhancement to allow for a Merchant to send a tailored message with instructions for the Dasher per each distinct order.Yes
Plasticware ToggleOrder level feature tested and enabled to opt in/opt out of plasticwareYes
RecipesOpen API contract enhancement to allow Merchants to provide default options or “recipes” for their menus
Self-DeliveryDoorDash rolled-out a product called ‘Self-Delivery’ in 2019 that allows restaurants to be featured on, but fulfill orders with their own delivery fleets (formerly Demand Generation). Additional information is passed through to the merchant to guarantee a smooth Self-Delivery experience.
Store Temporary Deactivation NotificationWebhook that notifies partners whenever a store on their integration has been temporarily deactivated, either by themselves or by DoorDash.
Store and Menu Info GET EndpointEndpoints that allow OpenAPI integrated partners to retrieve live info for both their stores and the menus that are associated with them
Store Onboarding Events EndpointOpenAPI functionality that allows providers to send merchant onboarding requests via API. This feature aims to improve merchant onboarding experience by providing a streamlined process for merchants to get activated with any given integration.
Substitutions OpenAPI functionality that allows providers to substitute items or options on an order that has been confirmed. This feature aims reduce the time store operators spend with support or customers, and aims improve on order cancellation ratesYes