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Release notes

API: Drive (classic)

This doc covers the Drive (classic) API. If you're using the Drive API, see the Drive release notes.

Last updated: October 15, 2021

v0.4.2 (effective February 28, 2022)​

  • Added delivery_verification_image_url and pickup_verification_image_url fields to the Delivery Details GET, Delivery Creation POST and Delivery Update PATCH endpoints.
  • Added estimated_delivery_time and pickup_verification_image_url to the webhook payload example.

v0.4.1 (effective February 8, 2022)​

  • Updated field description for promotion_id

v0.4.0 (effective December 7, 2021)​

  • Added full_address fields to pickup_address and dropoff_address
  • Added locale field to customer

v0.3.1 (effective November 12, 2021)​

  • Added promotion_id to delivery creation, delivery estimate and delivery validation request

v0.3.0 (effective October 15, 2021)​

  • Added refund reasons and currency mappings for delivery_refunded webhook
  • Updated webhook table to include missing events + statuses

v0.2.9 (effective September 20, 2021)​

  • Updated field errors: removed invalid errors and added tip error
  • Clarified which webhooks have to be enabled by DoorDash team
  • Added list of webhooks not dispatched in Delivery Simulator
  • Added delivery_refunded and release_order_for_preparation webhook events
  • Updated delivery.status and dasher_status in table under Frequency of webhook events
  • Added delivery_refund event data to sample webhook json and added external_pickup_zone_id to pickup_address object
  • Updated list of required fields

v0.2.8 (effective July 16, 2021)​

  • Added price field to items for delivery creation
  • Clarified that the quantity defaults to 1 if not provided
  • Added field error information for price, weight, and volume

v0.2.7 (effective June 15, 2021)​

  • Added maximum item volume on delivery creation

v0.2.6 (effective June 4, 2021)​

  • Corrected Delivery Validation description

v0.2.5 (effective May 26, 2021)​

  • Updated delivery and Dasher statuses in the webhook events table
  • Added fields to the example webhook payload

v0.2.4 (effective Apr 5, 2021)​

  • Clarified barcode format in various docs.

v0.2.3 (effective Mar 15, 2021)​

  • Fixed timestamp examples to be UTC datetimes suffixed with "Z" for clarity.

v0.2.2 (effective Nov 24, 2020)​

  • Added 400 error code for delivery create and get delivery details endpoints

v0.2.1 (effective Nov 16, 2020)​

  • Added 400 error code for delivery estimate endpoint

v0.2.0 (effective Sep 29, 2020)​

  • Added additional docs for barcode scanning.
  • Fixed a few incorrect field descriptions.
  • Updated documentation library to fix a scrolling bug and improve styling.

v0.1.6 (effective May 15, 2020)​

  • Introduced new Non Field Error for payment validation ("A payment method has not been configured for this store.")
  • Introduced new Field Error for pickup_address ("Pickup address not serviceable")
  • Multiple errors previously returned as Non Field Errors are now Field Errors on the pickup_address and dropoff_address fields.


  • Made pickup_instructions and dropoff_instructions not required.