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Pricing & payment

API: Drive (classic)

This doc covers the Drive (classic) API. If you're using the Drive API, see the Drive pricing page.

DoorDash charges you for each delivery made using the Drive (classic) API. The delivery fee is a flat $7.00 fee per delivery plus tips paid by the end user. This rate assumes that DoorDash is the exclusive delivery provider for your business or that DoorDash has the right of first refusal on all deliveries.

Any application that uses the Drive (classic) API must solicit tips in its UI. Tips are paid directly to the Dasher.

Deliveries requested using the Drive (classic) APIs are billed via monthly invoice and paid via ACH/check. Invoices will be auto-emailed on the 2nd/3rd day of each month and will include a detailed CSV breaking down each delivery and charge.

Setting up payment

Once you've completed development and are ready to request production access, you'll provide a billing email and address which our team will use to create an invoicing account.