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Delivery statuses

API: Drive

This doc covers the Drive API. If you're using the Drive (classic) API, see the reference guide for Drive (classic) delivery statuses.

During the course of the delivery, the status of the delivery will update to reflect the latest state of the delivery. The status represent the most recent state to be completed.

Supported states

Delivery StateDescription
createdThe delivery has been created and is waiting assignment to a Dasher.
confirmedThe delivery has been assigned to a Dasher and the Dasher has confirmed the delivery.
enroute_to_pickupThe Dasher is en route to the pick up location.
arrived_at_pickupThe Dasher has arrived at the pick up location.
picked_upThe Dasher has picked up the items and is heading to the drop off.
enroute_to_dropoffThe Dasher is en route to the drop off location.
arrived_at_dropoffThe Dasher has arrived at the drop off location.
deliveredThe delivery has been completed.
cancelledThe delivery has been cancelled.

Note: A delivery can be in the created state multiple times if a Dasher unassigns prior to pickup