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About DoorDash Drive

DoorDash Drive enables you to use DoorDash's on-demand logistics platform and fleet of Dashers to deliver your goods quickly and easily, without the hassle of staffing your own delivery fleet. Whether you need flexible fulfillment for overflow or a consistent on-demand delivery service, our platform is designed to work with your business.

Get started

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API: Drive

This doc covers the Drive API. If you're using the Drive (classic) API, use the Drive (classic) docs instead.

You can tell which API you're using by checking the URL. If your API URL contains "v2", like, you're using the Drive API.

Integration process overview

Here's what you can expect for the integration process:

  1. You'll generate an access key which will allow you to access our sandbox environment.
  2. You'll use the delivery simulator and API documentation to build your integration. The development timeline is entirely up to your team's own roadmap. We're here to support you as needed!
  3. Once you've completed development and are ready to go live, you'll submit a quick request for production access.
  4. The DoorDash team will review your request and reach out within a few days to schedule a demo of your finished product.
  5. The DoorDash team will provide an update ASAP on your approval status. Once approved, you can generate a production key and begin requesting real deliveries immediately.

Use the menu on the left to navigate through our documentation or jump right into the API reference using the menu in the top-right corner. Happy building!