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Create deliveries with item details

Providing DoorDash information about the specific items that you're delivering enables a few key benefits:

  • When picking up the order, Dashers use item details can verify that they've grabbed all the items in the order
  • If you're delivering regulated items like alcohol, providing item details helps us ensure that every delivery is compliant with all applicable regulations
  • In the rare case that something goes wrong with a delivery, providing item details enables us to provide partial refunds per the refund matrix

1. Prerequisites

If you're new to Drive and haven't yet created your first delivery, you should start with one of our tutorials. The tutorials will walk you through getting the credentials you need to call the APIs and making some basic API calls.

2. Create a delivery with basic item details

When you create a delivery, include the items field with one or more items:

  • (Required) name: a short string that identifies the item
  • (Required) quantity: the amount of this item in the order
  • (Optional) external_id: your internal identifier for this item; this can help you connect the items you provide in your delivery request to items in your internal system
  • (Optional) description: this field is reserved for future use; you can provide this detail if you like but it is not required
... // other fields
"items": [
// required
"name": "Chicken Burrito",
"quantity": 2,
// optional
"description": "A tasty oversized burrito with chicken, rice, beans, and cheese.",
// optional for regular deliveries, required for Dasher Shop & Stage and Dasher Shop & Deliver
"external_id": "418575",

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