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Deliver high-value items

If you're delivering higher-value goods, you can request that the Dasher collect a signature upon delivery to confirm that the delivery was given to the correct person.

1. Prerequisites

If you're new to Drive and haven't yet created your first delivery, you should start with one of our tutorials. The tutorials will walk you through getting the credentials you need to call the APIs and making some basic API calls.

2. Create a delivery that requires signature

When you create a delivery, you can indicate that a signature is required by including the dropoff_requires_signature field in your call to the delivery creation API and setting the field's value to true. If you do so, contactless_dropoff must either be absent or set to false.

... // other fields

// valid
"signature_required": true,

// valid
"signature_required": true,
"contactless_dropoff": false,

// invalid
"signature_required": true,
"contactless_dropoff": true,

3. Receive signature images

If you request signatures, you should update your app to handle a new field that will be returned in calls to the delivery status API and in the DELIVERY_DROPPED_OFF webhook: dropoff_signature_image_url, which will contain a string with a URL to an image of the dropoff contact's signature.