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Migrating from Drive Portal to Developer Portal

DoorDash is deprecating the Drive Portal and moving its functionality into two places:

  1. Order management and other business tasks are moving into the Merchant Portal
  2. Developer tools like the delivery simulator are moving into the Developer Portal

This document talks about the new and updated developer tools you can use in the Developer Portal and provides a migration guide to help you transition to the new portal.

When you can use the Developer Portal

You can start using the Developer Portal and its updated tools at any time. Simply visit developer.doordash.com/portal when you're ready to get started.

New & updated developer tools

The Developer Portal contains new tools and features that can help you create and manage your integration with DoorDash Drive.


In the Developer Portal, your existing account is now an Organization. Organizations enable you to add multiple users who see all the details of your integration: your simulated deliveries, your app's credentials, etc.

Sandbox and production environments

The Developer Portal gives you access to two different environments—Sandbox and Production—without having to sign out and sign in again with separate credentials. This makes it easier to manage all of the credentials you use to build and test your app and keeps all of your simulated deliveries in one place.

Updated credentials (JWTs)

To make your app's connection to DoorDash more secure, we've upgraded from static tokens that you send to DoorDash with each API request to short-lived JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) that you generate using an access key.

Updated delivery simulator

The Delivery Simulator in Developer Portal is now more reliable and easier to use.


You can now request support directly within the Developer Portal on the Support page. Submitting a support request in the Developer Portal gives DoorDash all the info about your integration that's needed to effectively and quickly troubleshoot your issue.

Migration guide

It's easy to get started with Developer Portal. Just head to developer.doordash.com/portal and sign in with the same credentials you used to sign in to Drive Portal. Once you've signed in, consider doing a few things to maximize your experience with the Developer Portal:

  1. Choose your "primary" organization and add users
  2. Upgrade to JWTs

Choose your "primary" organization and add users

If you had multiple Drive Portal users (emails & passwords that you used to sign in), you now have multiple Developer Portal organizations. You can keep separate organizations if you like, but we recommend selecting a "primary" organization for all development, whether you're testing your app or releasing the production version. Sign into that organization and then invite your teammates to collaborate by adding users.

Upgrade to JWTs

The static key(s) you've been given by the DoorDash Ops team will continue to work indefinitely. However, our new credentials are more secure, because you use the access key to generate a JWT (which must expire within 30 minutes of generation) and your access key never leaves your servers. They're also more convenient: you can now generate and revoke credentials at any time, just by signing into the Developer Portal. So, we recommend upgrading your app to use JWTs as you have time. To do so:

  1. Generate a new access key and store it somewhere your app can access, like a vault or your CI/CD system's secret store.
  2. Update your app to create a JWT using the new access key.

Because your old static keys will continue to work, you can switch to JWTs whenever you're ready. When you do, please submit a support request to let us know; we'll revoke your old static key so it can no longer be used.