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Let DoorDash know your order is ready


To allow store operators to send an Order Ready Signal to DoorDash, this must be built out on the Provider side and is passed after the order is confirmed.


DoorDash has an endpoint to which providers can send requests to provide notice of order status updates. Currently, the only status update we support is order_ready_for_pickup.

Within the request, the only required field is the merchant_supplied_id of the order but the endpoint does also require the DoorDash order_id as a parameter.

This signal is used to improve our Dasher assignment logic as well as provide better visibility to Customers and Dashers.

Get Started

Step 1: Identify endpoint

Identify the order events endpoint


Step 2: Implement

The below request should be sent to the above endpoint whenever in-store operators are finished preparing the order and is ready for pickup by the Dasher or Customer.


"merchant_supplied_id": "1dfa934a-190c-43a9-b2e0-449e5b8cccde"

Progress Check

  1. Place and receive a test order.
  2. Confirm the test order.
  3. Using the id(order) received in Step 1 and the merchant_supplied_id sent in Step 2, send an order_ready_for_pickup request to DoorDash.
  4. If a 200 status response is received, the request was successfully processed by DoorDash.

Next Steps

Ensure that store operators are aware of this functionality is available to them and that it is being used properly to get the full benefits of it.

Modified: 3/21/2023