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Catalog Management API


The Item Management API is designed for DoorDash partners to manage information about the items they offer on the platform. It allows partners to add new items to the catalog and update information about existing items. Item information is managed at the business level, and each item is identified by a unique Merchant Supplied Item ID (MSID).

Endpoint URL:

Getting Started



  • Success Response:
"operation_id": "string",
"operation_status": "SUCCESS", // Possible values: "QUEUED" "IN_PROGRESS" "SUCCESS" "FAILED" "PARTIAL_SUCCESS"
"message": "string"
  • Fail Response Details:
Response CodeCodeMessagefield_errors.fieldfield_errors.error
400validation_errorOne or more request values couldn't be validated.Name of the field whose value couldn't be validated.The error that was encountered when validating the field's value.
401authentication_errorDefault: The [exp] is in the past; the JWT is expired--
403authorization_errorDefault: Authorization error: the credentials provided with the request don't work--
500service_faultDefault: Internal service failure, please try again later.--


Once you believe you have made a successful call to the endpoint, reach out to your DoorDash technical account manager to verify. Please provide an example of the payload used in the request.


  1. How do I get the required business_id?

    • Your DoorDash technical account manager will provide the business_id for the test and production stores.
  2. How long will it take for new items to be created or updated?

    • Current Service Level Agreements (SLAs) range from 5 to 18 days, depending on the number of items involved in the request.
  3. Do I need to include all of the fields that are in the payload?

    • No, you do not. However, including more data and ensuring higher data quality will expedite the process of creating or updating items.