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Release notes

API: Drive

This doc covers the Drive API. If you're using the Drive (classic) API, see the Drive (classic) release notes.

Last updated: Jan 12, 2023

0.2.5 01/12/2023โ€‹

  • Add dropoff_signature_image_url to API and webhook

0.2.4 11/15/2022โ€‹

  • Support items

0.2.3 10/12/2022โ€‹

  • Support dasher allowed vehicles

0.2.2 08/15/2022โ€‹

  • Support alcohol delivery in drive v2
  • Add Dasher details (dasher_name, dasher_location, etc.)

0.2.1 06/06/2022โ€‹

  • Adding pickup external store and external business ID

0.2.0 04/11/2022โ€‹

  • Add action_if_unavailable to support returnable deliveries


  • Add dropoff contact given name
  • Add dropoff contact family name
  • Add dropoff contact send sms notifications


  • Add pickup verification image url
  • Add dropoff verification image url


  • Properly marking all required fields


  • Support for scheduled deliveries
  • Removal of scheduling_model property
  • Rename contactless to contactless_dropoff

0.1.0 Initial releaseโ€‹

  • Initial release of the V2 Drive API
  • Includes quote/accept model for guaranteed pricing
  • Simple API to fulfill any delivery
  • Tracking URL included with every request
  • external_delivery_ID acts as idempotency key to avoid duplicate orders