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Understand elevated error emails


With DoorDash Drive, you will receive anomaly alerts to identify errors occuring with your integration. These alerts are sent to all users on the developer portal with guidance on the error type, developer name, and threshold of failures reached.

These alerts are to inform you that a call to action may be needed to resolve these errors and allow deliveries to continue to process as expected.

A screenshot of an Error Email Example


What triggers these anomaly alert emails to be sent?

If your developer portal production credentials see 50% failure for API or webhook in a given 5 minute period with at least 15 events, an email will be fired informing you that the failure threshold has been exceeded.

What do I do when I get the email?

You can identify where the issue is coming from by going to the event log on your developer portal. By selecting ‘filters’ you can view all 4xx or 5xx errors, and the responses will provide guidance on the reason for the error.

If you need DoorDash’s support on resolving this error, submit a support ticket.

How do I add users to receive the email?

Users can be added to the developer portal by going to ‘organization’ and selecting ‘add member’.

I’m getting emails because we use the estimates, validation or quote endpoint to validate addresses and it often responds with a 400 error. Do I need to do anything?

No. We encourage you to review your event log and confirm the reason for the email is due to address validation; however, we understand that those results are expected.

DoorDash is actively working on a fix for this issue, stay tuned for more information on future iterations of this alert.

How can I get more information on failing API requests or webhooks?

At any time you can check the status of API requests or Webhooks by going to ‘event logs’ listed on the left menu in your developer portal. Use the search or filter options to help find the error or request you are looking for.

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