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This page provides definitions for key terms used in the DoorDash Retail UI integration documentation. Familiarizing yourself with these terms will help you better understand the concepts and processes involved in integrating with DoorDash.

Key Terms

  • Store: A single brick-and-mortar location that sells items.

  • Business: A single business entity that can have multiple stores and shares a single Catalog.

  • Catalog: The comprehensive list of all items ever possibly available for sale.

  • Inventory: A list of stock status and pricing for items at a particular Store.

  • Menu: The customer-facing list of items for sale at a particular Store.

  • Order: The list of items a particular Customer ordered on one occasion.

  • Provider: A third-party entity that facilitates a Merchant’s integrated offering on DoorDash.

  • Merchant: A seller of items on DoorDash.

  • Customer: A buyer of items on DoorDash.

  • Dasher: A deliverer of items.

Understanding these terms is crucial for a seamless integration process. Refer to this page whenever you encounter unfamiliar terminology in the documentation.