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Receive notices for temporary store deactivations

Limited access

Marketplace APIs are not yet generally available. Please record interest in early access here.

Stores on our Marketplace can be temporarily deactivated for a variety of reasons, spanning from self pausing via Merchant Portal to being automatically temporarily deactivated for quality reasons (dasher reported store as closed, high cancels, etc.). We’ve created webhooks that can be sent to partners whenever a store on their integration has been temporarily deactivated, either by themselves or by DoorDash.

Webhook Format

store: json object w/ store information

doordash_store_id: DD ID for store, can be inserted into “https/{doordash_store_id}” to navigate to the store (int)

merchant_supplied_id: ID of store as specified by provider (varchar)

event: json object w/ event information

type: “Store Temporarily Deactivated” (string)

reason_id: Internal DD ID for temp deactivation reason (int)

reason: description of reason (varchar)

notes: additional notes associated w/ temp deactivation (varchar)

start_time: temp deactivation start time (UTC) (datetime)

end_time: temp deactivation end time (UTC) (datetime)

Webhook Payload

Below is a sample payload:

"store": {
"doordash_store_id": 1,
"merchant_supplied_id": "2"
"event": {
"type": "Store Temporarily Deactivated"
"reason_id": 22,
"reason": "Incorrect Store Hours",
"notes": "Notes here",
"start_time": "2022-11-28T22:30:19Z",
"end_time": "2022-11-29T03:30:19Z",

Response & Error Codes

Once a webhook is received, the provider is expected to return the following response codes

Status CodeDetails
200Return a 200 status to indicate that the data was received successfully
401Unauthorized. DoorDash does not have an auth token for this endpoint
403Forbidden, DoorDash does not have access to this endpoint
500Internal Server Error - something went wrong on the Mx side
503Service not available - Mx endpoint is partially or totally down