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Receive bag fees


DoorDash has functionality within our Open API Order to allow Merchants to collect a bag fee and any necessary taxes related to the fee to meet any specific government regulations.


Certain regional legislatures require Merchants to charge customers a bag fee during checkout. Enabling this feature will allow Merchants to comply with the requirements set by their stores' jurisdictions.

Get Started

Step 1: Enable Bag Fee at Checkout

The Merchant will provide a list of stores and the associated bag fee to DoorDash Merchant Support to have the bag fee manually configured.

Step 2: Implement - Order Payload

The Order payload will contain the custom_fee field populated by an array with a single object.

  • custom_fee.type: "BAG_FEE"
  • custom_fee.price: non-decimal currency based on the value manually configured (e.g. 30 = $0.30)
  • non-decimal currency based on the store's individual tax requirements based on location
"custom_fee": [

"type": "BAG_FEE",
"price": 30,
"tax": 5,

Progress Check

A test order can be placed at a store with bag fee enabled. Within the order, the custom_fee array will be populated.

Next Steps - FAQ

Will the bag fee/quantity change based on the size of the order?
No, the customer will be charged for a single bag regardless of the cart size.

How will a customer see the fee within the DoorDash app?
The bag fee will be a separate fee line item and will be displayed during the checkout process

Will I have insight into the bag fees collected by DoorDash?
Yes, DoorDash will add an additional bag fee field in the Report Builder Financial reports.

What happens if laws change and I need to update the bag fee?
You can contact your DoorDash Support to have the fee updated.

Does Bag fee tax calculation extend to MPF and non MPF states?
Tax on Bag fees is going to be enabled for all Mx in the US/Canada. The fields Bag fee and Bag fee tax are enabled for all Mx which are charging Bag fees. Once tax is enabled, these Merchants will see both amounts in the financial reports.

Modified: 4/17/2023