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Introduce a plasticware toggle


To allow Consumers on DoorDash Marketplace to accept or decline receiving single-use utensils/accessories at your store, the feature must be enabled at the store/business level by a DoorDash Technical Account Manager and the 鈥淥rders鈥 Webhook Subscription must be built out on the Provider side to enable DoorDash to pass the value within the order confirmation payload body.


DoorDash has a toggle during checkout to allow Customers to opt-in or opt-out of receiving single-use accessories. DoorDash will include an additional boolean field "is_plastic_ware_option_selected鈥 on the order payload to notify the Merchant operator of the Consumer鈥檚 plasticware selection.

Get Started

Step 1: Confirm your Webhook Subscription setup is complete

Verify the Endpoint URL defined for the 鈥淥rders鈥 Event Type. Subscription Order URL Example

Step 2: Identify the order payload model and the additional field "is_plastic_ware_option_selected".

Step 3: Upon order injection, validate the field "is_plastic_ware_option_selected"

Alert the store operator to include single-use accessories if the field is set to 鈥渢rue鈥. When the guest elects to include single-use accessories on their order, this value is often included on the Kitchen Display System and printed on receipts.

Progress Check

After the feature is enabled for your test store, a test order can be placed to validate that the "is_plastic_ware_option_selected" field is being sent within the order payload body and handled correctly downstream.

Next Steps

Step 1 - POS Programming

Confirm if any additional programming is needed locally within the POS database to support the mapping of DoorDash鈥檚 plasticware field to the corresponding item/option within the Merchant鈥檚 environment.

Step 2 - User Acceptance Testing

During testing, ensure that Consumer selection for single-use accessories is visible to the store operator downstream within POS/KDS.

Step 3 - Deployment Planning

Define feature deployment schedule with your DoorDash Technical Account Manager and verify successful implementation in Production during pilot period.

Step 4 - Complete Rollout

Ensure that functionality is enabled for all eligible stores under your provider.


Why is DoorDash rolling out this new policy?

Reducing our environmental footprint is important to DoorDash, and this new policy tracks environmental guidelines in specific cities in the United States.

What do you mean by 鈥減lasticware鈥?

Plasticware includes utensils, straws, stirrers, sauces, and napkins. When an order indicates 鈥渘o silverware鈥, then no plasticware is needed.

How will consumers select whether or not to include silverware?

In each order, consumers select whether they want silverware. By default, silverware will be excluded from their order. We anticipate the majority of your DoorDash orders will not include silverware.

Will Dashers know about this change?

Yes, we are communicating these changes to Dashers. Today, Dashers confirm whether silverware is included and often pick up napkins. Specifically, Dashers will also see whether consumers are selecting silverware in each order and adjust accordingly.

Where does this new DoorDash program apply?

The feature is currently available only in select geographies. More details here.

If I don鈥檛 provide any silverware today, do I need to start?

If your orders do not require silverware today (e.g., pizza), you do not need to start supplying silverware.

Modified: 3/21/2023