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Build Dual Pricing (delivery vs. pickup)


Dual Pricing allows integration partners to pass two prices on an item, option, or option extra. This allows merchants to pass an uninflated price for first-party ordering or for in-store Pickup orders placed through DoorDash. This functionality is required to be built by all partners to ensure merchants have a way to offer in-store pricing on Marketplace Pickup orders. The price field is used for Marketplace Delivery prices, and the base_price is used for Marketplace Pickup prices, as well as both Storefront Delivery and Pickup prices.


When creating or updating a menu through your DoorDash integration, including a base_price will mean that value is used for:

  • Marketplace pickup orders
  • Storefront pickup orders
  • Storefront delivery orders

See here for details on how to implement.

Progress Check

A new menu can be created for a store. Once the menu is created you can verify that the base_price field correlates to the Marketplace pickup menu prices and all Storefront menu prices and the price field correlates to the Marketplace delivery menu prices.


Can a merchant offer separate pricing for Delivery order types on Storefront vs Marketplace (i.e Burrito Bowl offered for $10 for Delivery on Marketplace, $9 for Delivery on Storefront, & $8 for all Pickup orders on both Marketplace/Storefront)?
At this time, a merchant is recommended to use a single menu as a source of truth and DoorDash does NOT support the ability for a merchant to specify different delivery pricing on Storefront vs Marketplace. The base_price sent in the Menu API will be leveraged for all order types (delivery & pickup) on the Storefront ordering experience.

Next Steps

Present to your Merchants on how they can leverage this functionality. Such as enabling your merchants to send a single menu with two sets of pricing (in-store vs delivery) for use on both Storefront and Marketplace.

Modified: 3/21/2023