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Create deliveries with tips

You can change the price you pay for deliveries by accepting tips.

1. Prerequisites

If you're new to Drive and haven't yet created your first delivery, you should start with one of our tutorials. The tutorials will walk you through getting the credentials you need to call the APIs and making some basic API calls.

2. Collect a tip from the customer during payment

Accepting tips starts in your application's checkout or payment process. When your customer chooses to have their order delivered, your application should ask for the tip that will be given to the Dasher. Our Terms of Use require that you pass 100% of this tip amount to DoorDash so that we can provide it to the Dasher.

3. Create a delivery with tips

When you create a delivery or a delivery quote, specify the full amount of the tip that was given by your customer. Specify the tip amount in cents (or the equivalent lowest currency denomination).

... // other fields
"tip": 599, // $5.99 tip

4. Review with DoorDash

Once you've built a tip flow into your application, we need to see the flow in action before we change your delivery price. If your integration isn't already live, you can do this as part of the process to request production access; if it is live, submit a support request and we'll reach out to set up some time.

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