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Configure SMS delivery updates

DoorDash Drive sends SMS messages with updates on the progress of a delivery to help the person receiving that delivery (the dropoff_contact) keep track of the delivery and prepare for its arrival. You can customize these messages: whether they are sent at all, and the precise text that is sent.

API: Drive

This doc covers the Drive API. If you're using the Drive (classic) API, see the how-to guide for configuring SMS updates in Drive (classic).

1. Navigate to SMS settings

Go to Developer Portal and then navigate to Settings > SMS.

A screenshot of the Developer Portal with the SMS settings navigation item highlighted

2. Select an environment or business

By default, SMS settings apply to every delivery you create in either the sandbox or the production environment. Choose the environment you want to configure by clicking the business filter ("All Production Businesses") and selecting "All Sandbox Businesses" or "All Production Businesses".

If you use businesses & stores, you can also configure SMS settings for a specific business. To do so, click the business filter ("All Production Businesses") and select the business you want to configure. If you don't see a business you're looking for, reach out to support.

A screenshot of the Developer Portal highlighting the business filter in the top right of the page, labeled 'All Production Businesses'

3. Turn messages on or off

By default, DoorDash sends SMS messages for a variety of delivery events, from the Dasher's arrival at the pickup location to the completion of the delivery.

To turn off all of these messages, click "Off". To turn them back on, click "On".

A screenshot of the Developer Portal highlighting a toggle button labeled Off / On

To turn off an individual message, click the toggle to the left of the message name.

A screenshot of the Developer Portal highlighting an individual toggle control

4. Edit the text of a message

To edit the text of a message, click "Edit" to the right of the message name and text. When the editor appears, type the text you want to send. If you want to customize the text based on the delivery metadata like the name of the store or the name of the Dasher, type an opening curly bracket ({) and use the up and down arrow keys or your mouse to select a piece of metadata to include. Make sure to check the preview of a message, then click Save.

A screenshot of the Developer Portal showing a text box with SMS message text

You can customize the text of a message in each language supported by DoorDash. To do so, change the language selector in the upper right, then edit the message using the instructions above. Then, any time you create a delivery and specify a non-English locale, the message will use the customized text.

Next steps

Once you've configured SMS messages to your liking:

  • Create a sandbox delivery with your phone number as the dropoff_phone_number and use the delivery simulator to test out how your SMS messages will look for a real delivery
  • Learn more about how settings are inherited from the default, to your organization, to a particular business