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Add alcohol to your next delivery

· 2 min read
Ruirui Yang

Beer, wine, and even to-go cocktails are becoming an incredibly common addition to delivery menus for both restaurants and other verticals like grocery and convenience. Adding alcoholic drinks is a great way to boost your average order size and grow your delivery business. DoorDash Developer and the Drive API make it easy to start your own alcohol delivery business or add alcohol to your existing deliveries.

Get started with alcohol delivery

If you already have an active Drive API integration, submit a support ticket and ask for alcohol delivery to be enabled. One of our operators will reach out within a few business days with a brief legal addendum for you to sign. Once that’s signed, you can create an alcohol delivery just like you’d create a standard delivery. Just add/update a few fields in the body of your request to the create delivery API:

"order_contains": {
"alcohol": true
"action_if_undeliverable": "return_to_pickup",
"contactless_dropoff": false

If you’re new to Drive, get started using our tutorials for Postman, Node.js, or direct API calls. Then, follow the alcohol delivery how-to guide.

Compliance is key

For all of the deliveries done through DoorDash’s network of Dashers, and especially for deliveries of regulated items like alcohol, we work hard to comply with local laws. Our product prompts Dashers to scan the customer’s ID and, in some jurisdictions, to collect the customer’s signature before delivery. Our Drive product only allows alcohol deliveries in jurisdictions where alcohol delivery is legally permissible, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you (or the merchants using your services) have the required retail alcohol licenses, and that you are only requesting delivery of the types of alcohol that are allowed under your license and local laws.

Next steps

Jump into alcohol delivery using our alcohol delivery how-to guide. We can’t wait to see the businesses you build and grow using Drive and alcohol deliveries.