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Deliver alcohol

With DoorDash Drive, you can deliver alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, and spirits. Alcohol is a regulated item, so you must meet certain requirements before you can use DoorDash to deliver it.

  • Your business is licensed to sell alcohol in the state(s) and/or province(s) where it operates
  • You must have a process to get your customers' consent to the processing of their personal data by DoorDash for the purpose of ID verification
  • You must have signed an alcohol addendum to your DoorDash Drive agreement; read on to see how to complete this addendum

1. Prerequisites

If you're new to Drive and haven't yet created your first delivery, you should start with one of our tutorials. The tutorials will walk you through getting the credentials you need to call the APIs and making some basic API calls.

2. Sign the addendum

Once you've completed the integration requirements, start the process of signing the alcohol addendum to your DoorDash agreement by submitting a support ticket. Our Operations team will work with you to confirm you meet all of the integration requirements and then send you an addendum to sign.

3. Create an alcohol delivery

To create an alcohol delivery, use the create delivery endpoint. Ensure your request body contains the fields:

... // other fields
"order_contains": {
"alcohol": true
"action_if_undeliverable": "return_to_pickup",
"contactless_dropoff": false

4. Handle alcohol returns

Because alcohol is a regulated item, you must be prepared to accept return-to-pickup deliveries in case the customer is unavailable or intoxicated or the Dasher is unable to verify the customer's age and (if required) their signature. If you haven't already, follow the return-to-pickup how-to guide.