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Kavya Vishwanath

Goods are commonly delivered by a business–a merchant that owns a collection of stores–and from a store: a physical location that prepares the goods for delivery. Accordingly, DoorDash maintains a data model of businesses and stores. This model helps us make faster and more accurate deliveries by ensuring that we have the right store location before a delivery is requested and allowing us to store additional information about how a Dasher can correctly locate a store. Now, in both the Drive and Drive (classic) APIs, you can create businesses and stores and then create deliveries for those stores.

Using businesses & stores

Using businesses and stores in your Drive API integration is straightforward: just create a business and create a store(s) underneath it using calls to the business & store APIs. Then, when creating a delivery or requesting a delivery quote, provide the pickup_external_business_id and pickup_external_store_id that you used when creating the business and store.

POST /drive/v2/deliveries

"external_delivery_id": "D-1763",
// other fields

"pickup_external_business_id": "b-234-dzs",
"pickup_external_store_id": "s-475-fnr",

When you create a delivery that provides business and store IDs, the store's address and contact details are used, so you don't have to provide them in every delivery request. Additionally, by creating stores in advance, you can verify that DoorDash's address resolution system saved the correct address for your store, which helps Dashers get to the right pickup location every time. Creating businesses and stores for your deliveries also lays the groundwork for getting access to future delivery capabilities that require additional, business-level configuration, like delivery for alcohol and prescriptions.

When you're ready to start using businesses and stores:

Drive (classic) user?

For Drive (classic) users who've previously managed stores using external forms or auto-onboarding, we're making it easier to manage the businesses and stores that you need in order to make deliveries. Your account manager or point of contact at DoorDash will be in touch with more details soon, but if you want to get a head start, use the upgrade guide that's right for your scenario: