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Bethany Christy

We鈥檝e been busy making improvements to the Drive API and Developer Portal so you can create and manage deliveries more easily. Here鈥檚 what鈥檚 new:

  • Customize the SMS messagessent to customers about their deliveries.
  • Leverage new Drive API capabilities: update tip when accepting a quote, provide item-level details, specify what vehicle types are allowed for your deliveries, and require signature upon delivery.
  • Authenticate with the Drive APIs more easily with our new JWT utilities.

Configure SMS delivery updates

During the course of a delivery, customers receive automated SMS notifications about the Dasher鈥檚 progress. These texts include the tracking link returned in our response to delivery creation requests, as well as status updates as the Dasher picks up the items and arrives at the dropoff location.

Depending on your business needs, you may wish to customize these SMS messages. The new Settings view in the Developer Portal allows you to do just that by controlling which SMS customers receive and the text for each message. In the case that you鈥檙e managing multiple businesses and/or stores, you鈥檙e also able to control SMS notifications at the business level, for both sandbox and production environments.

SMS message customization is just the first feature we鈥檙e introducing as part of the Settings view. Stay tuned as we roll out new features to give you greater control over your DoorDash integration and the delivery experience!

Learn more in our docs

JWT utilities

In order to communicate securely with DoorDash, your application must pass a JSON Web Token (JWT) to authenticate with our API. We've compiled a list of tools and resources to help your development team get started with JWTs.

Sample Applications on GitHub

You can download and clone sample applications that communicate with the DoorDash API from GitHub. Sample applications include Node.js, Python, PHP, Java, Kotlin, and C#/.NET.

Update tip when accepting a quote

By popular demand, we鈥檝e updated the Drive API to allow tip to be updated when accepting a delivery quote. This is particularly useful in an e-commerce checkout experience where the customer may wish to get a delivery quote when they start their order, and then add a tip just before completing checkout.

Allowed vehicles

With the new dasher_allowed_vehicles field on the Drive API, you can now control the vehicle type(s) that a Dasher can use to complete your delivery. For example, as a laundry service moving large bags of clothes, you can specify that your deliveries should be handled by a Dasher in a car.

Item-level details

Provide added details about the items being delivered, such as price, for more accurate deliveries and refunds.