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Product Catalog

The main driver of the images, names, and descriptions of these products is the Product Catalog. DoorDash has a dedicated team to build out the partner’s Catalog. Products are separated into collections and broken down into categories with associated tags & variants. The Catalog is built based on the Catalog File provided by the Merchant, with additional inputs from internal and 3rd party sources to create a rich customer experience. When a new item is added to the catalog post-launch, it can take time to include within the platform.

Image displaying the user interface in doordash under a grocery store.

Discoverability & Collections

Customers discover items in 3 main ways: Collections, Category Pages, and Search. Below is a detailed description of each as well as a visual guide.

  1. Collections are a custom group of items to be displayed on the storefront for increased visibility of important items / limited time offers / promotions. DoorDash has a list of relevant Collections and has a team working on Seasonal Collections that will automatically surface. However, our team does take Merchant input and is happy to create custom Collections for you. Ask your Account Owner for a list of Collections we use, feel free to send over a list of Items, and your Account Owner can develop a cadence for updating these for you.
  2. Categories are groupings by “categorical level”, optimized for browsing & user friendliness (clicking into “Drinks” will display all drink items only). Category Pages are defined by the vertical of the merchant (Grocery, Convenience, Alcohol, Retail, Pets, etc.).
  3. Store Level Search allows a user to search for a specific item within a store. The search experience is optimized by machine learning and search results improve over time based on successful and unsuccessful searches.

Catalog Feed Setup

To more easily maintain the product catalog as products are added and removed, DoorDash requests a recurring transfer of the entire catalog file. The file should be transferred via SFTP with the following requirements:

  • File Type: Flat file (CSV)
  • File Naming Convention: catalog_{yyyy}{mm}{dd}{hh}{mm}.csv
  • Transfer Path: catalog/v1
  • File Cadence: At least monthly, but daily or weekly transfers are encouraged

This file will be used for adding new items to the catalog. For example, if a new item enters the Inventory Feed, the DD team will look to the catalog file sent by the Merchant to pull in the fields needed to effectively build the SKU (image, brand, item name, UPC, etc.). It is therefore important that any items in the Inventory Feed are present in the catalog file. Please work with your Account Owner to understand the cadence at which your catalog will be updated on the DoorDash platform. If priority SKUs need to be added quickly (for a seasonal holiday, for example), please send these SKUs to your Account Owner in an email and we will be happy to get these SKUs live and merchandised as quickly as possible.

DD does not currently have an automated process for updating attributes for existing SKUs, outside of price & availability. Rich fields (item name, description, image, brand, ingredients, UPC, etc.) are not automatically added to DD’s catalog if the merchant updates their catalog file.

Catalog File Fields

Field NameField DescriptionRequiredFormat
skuMerchant's unique product id (may be the same as UPC)Requiredstring
upcUPC (preferably GTIN-14 format)Requiredstring
secondary_upcAny secondary UPCs associated with a product (preferably GTIN-14 format)Required*string
pluProduce price lookup codeRequired*string
consumer_facing_item_nameThe product name the consumer would see on the website and should not have acronyms or abbreviationsRequiredstring
brand_nameBrand nameRequiredstring
short_descriptionShort description of an productRequired*string
size_variationSize of productRequirednumber
unit_of_measurementUnit of measurementRequiredstring
extended_sizeExtended sizes for product with multiple in one packRequired*string
product_group_idMerchant's unique product id for items that have multiple variations. Used to group like items togetherRequired*string
variation"Product variation - color, flavor, material etcEx. A shirt sold in multiple colors, a soap sold in multiple scents, a beverage sold in multiple flavors, etc."Required*string
L1_categoryHighest level category of a productRequiredstring
L2_categorySubcategory below L1 categoryRequiredstring
L3_categorySubcategory below L2 category (if applicable)Required*string
L4_categorySubcategory below L3 category (if applicable)Required*string
private_labelIs this a private label product/brand? (TRUE yes, FALSE no)Optionalboolean
image_url_frontURL link to the product image - front facingRequiredurl
image_url_backURL link to the product image - backRequired*url
image_url_left_sideURL link to the product image - left sideRequired*url
image_url_right_sideURL link to the product image - right sideRequired*url
image_url_ingredientsURL link to the product image - ingredientsRequired*url
priority_rankProduct sales rank to help prioritize SKUs- prefer to have last 4 weeks sales volume to determine which SKUs are most important to focus on. From 100000 (highest rank) to 1Required*number
ratingProduct rating scoreRequired*string
rating_countTotal number of product ratingsRequired*string
is_alcoholIs this an alcohol prodyct? (TRUE yes, FALSE no). Required if alcohol is sold by businessRequired*boolean
abvAlcohol By Volume content in % (only required for alcohol items)Required*number
is_weighted_itemIs this a weighted item (such as produce or meat)?Required*boolean
average_weight_per_each"For weighted items, if the item is priced per pound what is the approximate weight of one item or pack. Example:Bananas weigh 0.5 lbs.A package of in-store prepared/cut chicken breast is 2.5 lbs.An in-store fresh packed bowl of watermelon that is priced by the pound typically weighs 1.5 lbs."Required*number
average_weight_uomFor weighted items, UOM for the average weightRequired*string
cx_show_byFor weighted items, how do we show this item to customers?Required*string
nutritional_infoNutritional facts label info of productOptionalstring
ingredientsIngredients listOptionalstring
disclaimerProduct disclaimersOptionalstring
allergen infoAllergy/health infoOptionalstring
dietary_flagsDietary info - Gluten Free, Kosher, etcOptionalstring
snap_eligibleDoes this item qualify for food stamps/SNAP program?Optionalboolean
is_hsa_fsa_eligibleDoes this item qualify for hsa/fsa spending?Optionalboolean
is_package_fee_eligibleDoes this item incur package fees (ex. bottle fee)?Optionalboolean
package_typeGlass, plastic, etc.Optionalstring
dimensionsProduct dimensions. L x W x H (in inches or ft)Optionalstring
weightProdict weight in LBSOptionalnumber
meta_dataAny additional data needed (ex. JSON formatted data)Optionalstring

Required* = Required in certain situations depending on integration

Catalog Sample File

78910002370016222002370016223Tyson Chicken Tenderloin Frozen (40 oz)Tyson40ozFrozenMeatsFALSE
24241005215970118005215970119Stonyfield Yotoddler 4 oz Yogurt Strawberry Banana (6 ct)Stonyfield4oz6 ctDairy & EggsYogurtFALSE
457050000000401120643126040114011Bananas (each, price varies by actual weight)1lbProduceFruitBananasFALSE
579210000000406932210000000094069Green Cabbage (each)1ctProduceLeafy GreensCabbageFALSE
34454049331010967049331010968La Crema Monterey Pinot Noir (750 ml)La CremaLa Crema Monterey Pinot Noir Red Wine, 750ml750mlAlcoholWinePinot NoirFALSE
128628000000080115000000080116White Claw Hard Seltzer LimeWhite ClawThe fresh flavor of Natural Lime can’t be ignored. Every sip is met with a purely refreshing, zesty citrus aroma and a clean, crisp finish.12oz6 ct77654LimeAlcoholHard SeltzerFALSE,width=300,format=auto,quality=50/
8971235700914010111860091401011187Painted Floral Lisle Self Collar PoloFootJoyFootJoy Painted Floral Lisle Self Collar Polo Sky Blue LargeMediumea64879Sky BlueApparelMen's ApparelMen's Shirts & TopsFALSE,width=300,format=auto,quality=50/